The Perks of Being an AllStuff Customer

Did you know that becoming an AllStuff customer rewards you with several exclusive benefits that guests are not privy to? Among the more public information such as product news, becoming a customer allows you to track your orders, get free shipping, return products more efficiently, participate in exclusive deals, and so much more!

AllStuff caters to customers who want shopping to be fast and simple. We take care and anticipate your needs before they arise. Our free shipping policy is the perfect reflection of this belief. Nobody likes paying for shipping and we agree completely. So, if your order is equal to or more than $50.00, you’ll get free shipping no matter what! Whether it’s one OEM toner that’s a bit pricy or a bulk set of compatible inkjets, your order is guaranteed free shipping once it passes the $50.00 threshold. Easy tracking of your order is another great asset our customers enjoy. It can be frustrating to order a product and be in the dark up until it arrives, but our customers have the perk of immediate tracking for your order every step of the way.

But let’s say your product doesn’t arrive or does not perform as expected. We know that the likelihood of mishaps is low, but we at AllStuff are ever vigilant and ready to assist you straight away. Our customers can use our simple returns form that is designed with your specific situations in mind. Say you want to return a product, but can’t really explain what’s wrong with it. Our form lists many of the common reasons why you would need to return the product along with a customer service representative who can guide you if necessary. Whatever the situation is, we take pride in our flexible returns policy and encourage customers to use the forms available to help resolve your cases.

In addition to our easy return process, customers enjoy the benefit of having access to our private mailing list separate from guests. This list includes great deals on popular toners, printers, and more that only our customers can redeem. Signing up for the list is automatic upon becoming a customer, and we’ll use your email you register with us as a touchpoint to bring you great deals year-round.

Don’t be stuck with the baseline perks of guests – become an AllStuff registered customer today to reap the bountiful rewards listed above and more! Head over to our sign-up page to get started and check out our other articles for more handy tips


Help Your Schoolhouse Rock – How to be a Superstar Parent

Did you know that teachers are rarely given stipends to purchase classroom essentials? Each pencil box, whiteboard marker, and even soap bottle are out-of-pocket expenses that can stress an already overworked and weary teacher. Couple that with dealing with kids all day, and you can imagine the toll it takes for teachers to keep their classrooms running efficiently. As a parent, you may take great joy in getting a break from your little gremlins for eight hours a day. But your teachers can also use some help from the community to support your child’s learning. Here are some simple ways to stand out from the crowd as a parent and help your local school community.

Whether your kids are in high school or kindergarten, reliable transportation to and from school is a necessity. Some kids may benefit from being near a school bus zone, while others must either walk or rely on their busy parents to drop them off and pick them up. To help you and your fellow parents out, try creating a community Facebook group or large group chat for ridesharing purposes. Different parents can take shifts and hold each other accountable to ensure all the kids get to and from school safely at a fraction of the cost of gas. If they walk to school and you are worried about their safety, try offering to be a chaperone to accompany them on their walks. Who knows, participating in a parent group chat may introduce you to some new friends in your neighborhood!

Kids come first, but your kids’ teachers need some helping hands. Even if they bought all the necessary equipment, many other day-to-day items are still required. One of the simplest ways you can help out is to engage in your school’s education system and try taking care of some of the massive amounts of printing. From worksheets to syllabi, your child takes home a ton of paper. Consider AllStuff’s offering of printers designed with families in mind, like our Konica Minolta Bizhub 4000I, which is quiet, effective, and has a small footprint that fits anywhere in your home. What if your child’s teacher doesn’t need more help printing? Not a problem! AllStuff also offers valuable ink and toner cartridges. Not only do we offer promotions across all our products, but we also provide free shipping on any order over $50! These promotions make buying a breeze and ease the strain on your school’s slim finances.

Teachers will always be the backbone of our education system. Without them, schools and other valuable areas for education would be obsolete. As a parent, it is up to you to decide how much you want to be involved with your child’s curriculum. However, working with their teachers can open the door to an easier time for your kid and their hard-working teachers. Grab a coffee with one of the teachers and get them the help they deserve with one of AllStuff’s affordable and effective products. Read more of our articles to explore other ways you can help yourself and your community.

Return of the Classics: How to Organize Your Taxes

Spring is upon us, and the yearly dreary tax season also comes with the blooming of flowers. April 18th marks the IRS’ designated final filing deadline, and with only three months to get your documents in order, it can feel daunting to start sifting through your mountain of receipts. But if you break the process down into reasonable practices, organizing your receipts can be simple. Printing out your receipts in addition to digital entry is still the best method of keeping yourself accountable for an efficient, tidy tax record.

In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to digitize your entire tax process. However, as antiquated as this sounds, printing your receipts is still an excellent method of keeping a physical backup for your record-keeping. Keep every receipt you get and immediately enter them into a well-organized spreadsheet, and then put physical receipts in a folder labeled by the month and year. If you’ve had exposure to expense reports or are involved in your company receipts, you’ll be familiar with this workflow. And just like most companies, if you want to keep your documents accessible year after year, know that procrastination is your enemy and proactive physical record-keeping is your ally. Manual printing is a painstaking yet necessary process that everyone needs to use for the upcoming tax season.

Of course, to print out the receipts, you need a dependable printer and a supply of toner. Luckily, AllStuff has the best deals and catalogs for printers, ink cartridges, and toner. Our one-stop shop offers excellent prices on printers and toners to keep you prepared to print the receipts you need. We offer brand-name toners ranging from compatible staples such as the HP 83a, OEM heavy-hitters like the Kyocera Mita TK-1152, and much more. If you’re having trouble figuring out which printer or toner suits your needs, look at our helpful descriptions underneath each item to determine the best fit for your situation. For example, suppose you’re printing your receipts and using the printer for everyday household use. In that case, we recommend smaller models like the Kyocera EcoSys P5026CDW, designed for individual and small workgroup use.

Tax season is a pain for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be unbearable. Arm yourself with the aforementioned best practices and the proper equipment to whip your receipts into shape for the April 18th deadline. Read our other articles for more helpful tips, and follow us on social media for the latest promotions.

Start Fresh with the New Year

As 2022 ends, we have a rare opportunity to reflect and marvel at our work over the past year. Whether you are an entrepreneur, run a family business, or manage a large corporation, it’s important to analyze your productivity yearly to see what worked and what still needs tweaking. When compiling a business analysis, one thing that can go undetected is printing efficiency. Does your office still use the same, ancient printer with continuous issues? Does each of your departments have fully functioning color and black-and-white printing capabilities? If either of these rang true, 2023 is calling for a printing upgrade and AllStuff is here to help with the best-priced printers and toner cartridges near you.

Here at AllStuff, we pride ourselves in our wide selection of low-cost printers that suit every need. Looking for something small but efficient to upgrade your home office? Check out our Kyocera Ecosys Color Network printer that offers up to 27 ppm and wireless connectivity for a seamless workflow. For big offices with high-volume printing, we recommend our Konica Minolta printers such as the Bizhub 4020 all-in-one printer. This model provides a sleek, touchscreen body at 42ppm with copy, print, scan, and fax functionalities. For both Kyocera and Konica Minolta models, our printers are here to help your office efficiency, no matter the scale.

Of course, no printing set-up is complete without premier ink and toner cartridges. Whether you are looking to buy Brother toner, HP toner, compatible toner, or OEM toner cartridges, we have it all. If you need immediate assistance determining which toner goes into which machine, you take a look at our product details or call in for more information.

As you crack open a new calendar, you should also consider implementing change by optimizing your office set-up with a new, efficient printer. Choose AllStuff for the best-priced printers and toner cartridges. Check out our other articles and have a happy New Year!

Prepping for the Holidays – What Should You Bring on a Big International Trip?

With travel restrictions lessening worldwide, tons of exciting holidays are coming up that are available once again. If you are traveling outside of the U.S., it is imperative to keep a to-do list of what to bring along. Whether your destination is a fancy ski resort in Switzerland or a chilly island excursion in Japan, some standard printed documents are necessary for any international trip.

Your first and most important item should be your passport. Regardless of where you are traveling, it goes without saying that having your passport is the only official way foreign entities can identify your citizenship. To be doubly careful, print out a small wallet-size version of your passport in order to prevent any unnecessary airport headaches. United States Embassies usually require your passport and a secondary form of identification to provide any substantial help if serious misfortune strikes your trip.

If you don’t have a color printer, consider our price-friendly options here for assistance with your travel documents.

With the surprising number of printed documents needed, your travel plans could stop cold if you don’t have easy access to a printer. Luckily, AllStuff has a wide variety of printers that are perfectly suited for both small yet important tasks such as passport printing or larger tasks for offices and schools. If you’re in need of a printer suited for usage at home, check out our Kyocera printers that fit perfectly on a home office desk. These printers produce crisp and clear colors without any streaks or smudging, making them ideal for printing out documents requiring precision like your passport.

To err on the side of caution, printing in color is usually preferred to black and white when it comes to your passport. But if monochrome, standard pages are in your future, rely on our Konica Minolta black-and-white printers to achieve high-quality prints that won’t break the bank. Take advantage of our deals and get the most out of our printers with free shipping for orders over $50.00.

The following items, which are intangible but equally important, include a data plan/SIM card pertaining to the country you’re traveling to, a downloaded map on either Google maps or your standard online map of the locations you plan on visiting, and approval from your bank for foreign transactions. All three of these are vital for ensuring your trip runs smoothly. Most SIM cards are available at airports worldwide, but clearing a plan with your carrier prior to your trip is the best way to guarantee cell phone access. Downloading your travel destinations on your preferred navigation app is important to do as an application like Google maps can be quite slow to load if your connection is bad. The last thing you want to happen is to be stranded on a road with no way of knowing where to go because your phone cannot load a map. Finally, your bank may charge you or even outright decline credit card purchases if they believe a purchase is fraudulent since you are outside your home country. Make sure to inform your bank at least a week prior to your trip to give the bank time to process your request.

Finally, make sure you have some form of physical currency. If everything goes wrong, you should have a healthy backup of cash to keep yourself going for at least a day. Some foreign countries (looking at you, Germany) greatly dislike credit card use and prefer to enforce exclusive cash rules so it’s best to stay safe and pack some money you can keep tucked in your wallet.

Holidays are a great time to get out and take the trip of your dreams. Help yourself stay safe by following the above tips, and check out our blog for future insights. We at AllStuff wish you a happy holiday season!

Get Ready for Cyber Monday

November is a month jam-packed with sales. With Thanksgiving and the true beginning of fall, the online marketplace is filled with different types of sales for all sorts of items. But, the undisputed lucrative day of online shopping is Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday will take place on November 28 this year and to get the best deals, head over to AllStuff, your one-stop shop for ink and toner.

Here at AllStuff, we offer great deals and prices compared to other vendors. For example, our printers and toners range from big business level equipment to small personal use tools that are ideal for any size workplace – at a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere. We offer OEM, compatible, and remanufactured equipment across all our printer and toner lines. No matter what you’re in the market for, you can trust that something will definitely catch your eye. Our Konica Minolta printers are an especially popular brand due to their quality and low price point. For example, this small printer is perfect for the work-from-home crowd who want a compact printer that combines low storage space with a high count of pages per minute.

Cyber Monday is the time of year to get all your shopping done. Here at AllStuff, you’ll find our printer products are second to none in terms of quality and affordability. To keep up with us, check out our website for readily available sales and follow our blog for more information. Happy shopping!

The Advantages of Buying Ink and Toner Cartridges from AllStuff

Like most businesses, the toner industry is ruled by connections and brand name quality. It’s the reason OEM’s cost more than their remanufactured counterpart and it’s the reason Toshiba and other big-name toner companies dominate the market. But, if we return to our smaller businesses, there are a number of benefits you can receive by purchasing from a company like AllStuff.

1. Cut out the Middle Man – Support Burgeoning Businesses

You always know where your money is going through AllStuff. Other online marketplaces such as Amazon host a vast array of retailers whose profits receive a cut in exchange for the platform. With AllStuff, you have the ability to see how your money directly impacts our business and not have it disappear into the conglomerate financial void of big business.

2. Excellent Customer Service

At AllStuff, we have knowledgeable, friendly customer service experts with considerable depth in the ink and toner industry to illuminate insights into all of our products. Not sure whether to go for a Kyocera or a Sharp toner? Can’t find what toner fits your printer? Not sure why one toner is preferred for your machine over another? Give our team a call to get any and all your questions sorted out.

3. Shop Smarter With Our Better Prices

AllStuff offers a slew of low prices that outweigh our competitors from our vast array of inks and toners brands including Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Toshiba, and more. In addition to our low prices, we offer frequent sales on all of our merchandise. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive notifications of when our lucrative deals take place so you can shop smarter.

4. Simplified Shipping Process

By now, we’ve all experienced the struggles of shipping ink when damages or delays happen. Take comfort in AllStuff’s shipping process with our fast and reliable shipping procedures that include tracking and ‘round-the-clock customer service along with meticulous and secure void fill materials. We at AllStuff regard our products highly and we want to extend this quality to all shipments we make. With our multiple distribution centers throughout the nation, AllStuff guarantees shorter shipping times at lower prices with our free shipping for orders over $50 in the Continental U.S.

Navigating online for ink and toner distributors can be intimidating. You’re faced with a myriad of options that seem similar to the next. If you’re looking to save on spending, experience simplified shipping, and a seamless customer service team then AllStuff is for you. Check out our other posts and get more tips via our blog!

How Business Owners Should Estimate Printing Costs

Simple Tips to Calculate Your Printing Costs

Whether your operations use a heavy-duty printer for everyday work or a small central printer for a tight-knit office, keeping track of your printing expenses is important. With how hectic a business can get, it’s hard to know with absolute certainty what your monthly printing costs are, let alone annually. Here are some tips to keep yourself on top of your printing finances:

Know Your Printing Situation
If you have multiple printers, account for each paper cartridge you use to refill them. If you know you use a lot of printers, be prepared to make individual sheets per printer Something like an Excel sheet or Word document detailing the refills on your printer is helpful. Most businesses keep track of their overall printing costs by dividing the number of pages of the cartridge yield by the cost of that printer cartridge used for printing. They go through per month or CPP (cost per page) for their expense records. Services and companies who offer printing estimates can be costly, and online websites that offer services where you can calculate them are also pricy. Get in the habit of checking yourself to save time and money.

Have a General Sense of Monthly Printing Costs
Try to keep accurate recordings of the amount of paper cartridges your business goes through, whether through an Excel sheet or other means. This will let you accurately recount each month’s expenses while also keeping a tidy record of all printing costs per month.

Introduce Your Teams to Cross-Functional Collaboration
If you find a gap in your printing expense records, try asking the department responsible for that printing to provide you records and help keep things organized. It takes a village to keep a company running, and the accounting departments could definitely use a helping hand in procuring obscure data.

Countless unexpected charges fly undetected when totaling your expenses at the end of the month. The last thing you want for your end of month expense report are needless costs that are unaccounted for. Prevent your printing costs from catching you by surprise and learn to plan ahead with the above tips. For more insights on how to manage everyday business practices and trends in professionalism, check out our blog and great deals at

Which Printer to Pick: Laser or Ink?

Printers exist in two major groups: laser and inkjet. Both are perfect for everyday use, both use a specific cartridge, and both have the same functions. As their names suggest, the only immediate difference between the two is that the laser printers utilize a laser cylinder that fuses toner to the paper and inkjet printers use liquid ink cartridges that contain nozzles to print. However, there is more to these printers than what meets the eye. Deciding between the two seems inconsequential, but laser and inkjet printers have their own unique benefits that could sway your decision.

What’s the Difference?

Laser printers are perfect for documents that need extra clarity on text specifically. The cartridge within a laser printer emits a laser which is projected onto mirrors which catch and fuse toner particles to a piece of paper. From this fusion, the laser printer produces crisp, distinct text that’s slightly superior to inkjet due to that hyper-specific method of print production. Images are also able to be printed via laser printers, but may appear less vivid than an inkjet printer would produce.

On the other hand, inkjet printers are highly capable and ideal for producing high quality images. People in the t-shirt print industry, photography industry, and other industries that use a variety of different materials rely on inkjet printers because they blend colors more vividly and can accommodate a larger spectrum of colors in general. Inkjet printers are the go-to printer for any person looking to create high-quality prints without worrying about an ultra-defined text accompanying it.

So now that we know the details behind laser and inkjet printers, let’s dive into which you should buy.

You Should Buy an Laser Printer if You:

  • Print on papers that are heat-resistant.
  • Desire crisp, clear texts.
  • Work in a fast-paced setting where you need the option to print large quantities without potentially sacrificing text quality.

You Should Buy an Inkjet Printer if You:

  • Print out high-quality graphics.
  • Need your graphics need to be high-quality and reliably produced.
  • Work in a casual setting, like working from home.

Whether you’re in the market for crisp images, text, or a fine printer. In general, knowing the difference between a laser and inkjet printer can save you time and money. While the difference in price may be negligible, you should be aware of the intricacies and perks of owning these two types of printers. While there’s nothing wrong with using laser or inkjet printers for other things besides their key qualities, it’s important to recognize what you could be missing out on. When you get home, see what kind of printer you have and whether or not it suits your purposes.

To find the right printer for you and learn about more helpful business tips, check out our printers and new blog posts at We post articles designed to help customers find the right product at the right time, so make sure to check back frequently!

Why You Should Be Buying Compatible Cartridges

Since their inception, OEM’s have been considered the industry standard. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning that the OEM toner has been produced directly from the company and not a third-party source. However, there are a number of other things that can be better and perform at the same capacity as OEM’s. Compatible toners are the perfect toner to compliment a budget friendly option. They perform as well if not better than OEM toners and, better yet, are environmentally friendly due to their ability to be recycled after use. The only other noticeable difference is that OEM’s are made from the manufacturer and third-party distributors sell compatible cartridges in addition to OEM cartridges.

What am I Getting out of Compatible Cartridges?

To get a better picture of compatible toner’s capabilities, let’s look at the value you get from buying a compatible toner:

  1. You get the full benefits of an OEM’s printing capabilities including but not limited to: reliable ink production, crisp image quality, and immaculate vibrancy. Compatible materials are no less than their OEM counterparts and can produce amazing results.
  2. Reduced cost. Compatible toners and cartridges are considerably cheaper than their OEM counterparts. While you may think their quality in turn would suffer, compatible toners are preferred by many in the industry to reduce their costs on cartridges.
  3. Better transparency. The benefits of using third party manufacturers is an easier customer service experience. Manufacturers usually have a more robust customer service team backing them awaiting any and all of your questions, but can be held up by call volume. For example, AllStuff’s customer service team is on hand at all times to get you in the know about what buying compatible can offer you at any time during business hours.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, environmentally friendly toner cartridge that produces more copies per cartridge, compatible toners are your best bet. You pay less for more on virtually every aspect comparted to their OEM counterparts and, best of all, you can recycle most of their larger components after use.

Here at AllStuff, we have the compatible cartridges to suit any of your printing needs. Check out our compatible and OEM toners over at our website or call in to get more clarification. And, for more helpful purchasing tips and strategies, make sure to check out our blog! We upload content regularly, so stay tuned for more!