How Business Owners Should Estimate Printing Costs

Simple Tips to Calculate Your Printing Costs

Whether your operations use a heavy-duty printer for everyday work or a small central printer for a tight-knit office, keeping track of your printing expenses is important. With how hectic a business can get, it’s hard to know with absolute certainty what your monthly printing costs are, let alone annually. Here are some tips to keep yourself on top of your printing finances:

Know Your Printing Situation
If you have multiple printers, account for each paper cartridge you use to refill them. If you know you use a lot of printers, be prepared to make individual sheets per printer Something like an Excel sheet or Word document detailing the refills on your printer is helpful. Most businesses keep track of their overall printing costs by dividing the number of pages of the cartridge yield by the cost of that printer cartridge used for printing. They go through per month or CPP (cost per page) for their expense records. Services and companies who offer printing estimates can be costly, and online websites that offer services where you can calculate them are also pricy. Get in the habit of checking yourself to save time and money.

Have a General Sense of Monthly Printing Costs
Try to keep accurate recordings of the amount of paper cartridges your business goes through, whether through an Excel sheet or other means. This will let you accurately recount each month’s expenses while also keeping a tidy record of all printing costs per month.

Introduce Your Teams to Cross-Functional Collaboration
If you find a gap in your printing expense records, try asking the department responsible for that printing to provide you records and help keep things organized. It takes a village to keep a company running, and the accounting departments could definitely use a helping hand in procuring obscure data.

Countless unexpected charges fly undetected when totaling your expenses at the end of the month. The last thing you want for your end of month expense report are needless costs that are unaccounted for. Prevent your printing costs from catching you by surprise and learn to plan ahead with the above tips. For more insights on how to manage everyday business practices and trends in professionalism, check out our blog and great deals at


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