Prepping for the Holidays – What Should You Bring on a Big International Trip?

With travel restrictions lessening worldwide, tons of exciting holidays are coming up that are available once again. If you are traveling outside of the U.S., it is imperative to keep a to-do list of what to bring along. Whether your destination is a fancy ski resort in Switzerland or a chilly island excursion in Japan, some standard printed documents are necessary for any international trip.

Your first and most important item should be your passport. Regardless of where you are traveling, it goes without saying that having your passport is the only official way foreign entities can identify your citizenship. To be doubly careful, print out a small wallet-size version of your passport in order to prevent any unnecessary airport headaches. United States Embassies usually require your passport and a secondary form of identification to provide any substantial help if serious misfortune strikes your trip.

If you don’t have a color printer, consider our price-friendly options here for assistance with your travel documents.

With the surprising number of printed documents needed, your travel plans could stop cold if you don’t have easy access to a printer. Luckily, AllStuff has a wide variety of printers that are perfectly suited for both small yet important tasks such as passport printing or larger tasks for offices and schools. If you’re in need of a printer suited for usage at home, check out our Kyocera printers that fit perfectly on a home office desk. These printers produce crisp and clear colors without any streaks or smudging, making them ideal for printing out documents requiring precision like your passport.

To err on the side of caution, printing in color is usually preferred to black and white when it comes to your passport. But if monochrome, standard pages are in your future, rely on our Konica Minolta black-and-white printers to achieve high-quality prints that won’t break the bank. Take advantage of our deals and get the most out of our printers with free shipping for orders over $50.00.

The following items, which are intangible but equally important, include a data plan/SIM card pertaining to the country you’re traveling to, a downloaded map on either Google maps or your standard online map of the locations you plan on visiting, and approval from your bank for foreign transactions. All three of these are vital for ensuring your trip runs smoothly. Most SIM cards are available at airports worldwide, but clearing a plan with your carrier prior to your trip is the best way to guarantee cell phone access. Downloading your travel destinations on your preferred navigation app is important to do as an application like Google maps can be quite slow to load if your connection is bad. The last thing you want to happen is to be stranded on a road with no way of knowing where to go because your phone cannot load a map. Finally, your bank may charge you or even outright decline credit card purchases if they believe a purchase is fraudulent since you are outside your home country. Make sure to inform your bank at least a week prior to your trip to give the bank time to process your request.

Finally, make sure you have some form of physical currency. If everything goes wrong, you should have a healthy backup of cash to keep yourself going for at least a day. Some foreign countries (looking at you, Germany) greatly dislike credit card use and prefer to enforce exclusive cash rules so it’s best to stay safe and pack some money you can keep tucked in your wallet.

Holidays are a great time to get out and take the trip of your dreams. Help yourself stay safe by following the above tips, and check out our blog for future insights. We at AllStuff wish you a happy holiday season!


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