Help Your Schoolhouse Rock – How to be a Superstar Parent

Did you know that teachers are rarely given stipends to purchase classroom essentials? Each pencil box, whiteboard marker, and even soap bottle are out-of-pocket expenses that can stress an already overworked and weary teacher. Couple that with dealing with kids all day, and you can imagine the toll it takes for teachers to keep their classrooms running efficiently. As a parent, you may take great joy in getting a break from your little gremlins for eight hours a day. But your teachers can also use some help from the community to support your child’s learning. Here are some simple ways to stand out from the crowd as a parent and help your local school community.

Whether your kids are in high school or kindergarten, reliable transportation to and from school is a necessity. Some kids may benefit from being near a school bus zone, while others must either walk or rely on their busy parents to drop them off and pick them up. To help you and your fellow parents out, try creating a community Facebook group or large group chat for ridesharing purposes. Different parents can take shifts and hold each other accountable to ensure all the kids get to and from school safely at a fraction of the cost of gas. If they walk to school and you are worried about their safety, try offering to be a chaperone to accompany them on their walks. Who knows, participating in a parent group chat may introduce you to some new friends in your neighborhood!

Kids come first, but your kids’ teachers need some helping hands. Even if they bought all the necessary equipment, many other day-to-day items are still required. One of the simplest ways you can help out is to engage in your school’s education system and try taking care of some of the massive amounts of printing. From worksheets to syllabi, your child takes home a ton of paper. Consider AllStuff’s offering of printers designed with families in mind, like our Konica Minolta Bizhub 4000I, which is quiet, effective, and has a small footprint that fits anywhere in your home. What if your child’s teacher doesn’t need more help printing? Not a problem! AllStuff also offers valuable ink and toner cartridges. Not only do we offer promotions across all our products, but we also provide free shipping on any order over $50! These promotions make buying a breeze and ease the strain on your school’s slim finances.

Teachers will always be the backbone of our education system. Without them, schools and other valuable areas for education would be obsolete. As a parent, it is up to you to decide how much you want to be involved with your child’s curriculum. However, working with their teachers can open the door to an easier time for your kid and their hard-working teachers. Grab a coffee with one of the teachers and get them the help they deserve with one of AllStuff’s affordable and effective products. Read more of our articles to explore other ways you can help yourself and your community.


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