The Perks of Being an AllStuff Customer

Did you know that becoming an AllStuff customer rewards you with several exclusive benefits that guests are not privy to? Among the more public information such as product news, becoming a customer allows you to track your orders, get free shipping, return products more efficiently, participate in exclusive deals, and so much more!

AllStuff caters to customers who want shopping to be fast and simple. We take care and anticipate your needs before they arise. Our free shipping policy is the perfect reflection of this belief. Nobody likes paying for shipping and we agree completely. So, if your order is equal to or more than $50.00, you’ll get free shipping no matter what! Whether it’s one OEM toner that’s a bit pricy or a bulk set of compatible inkjets, your order is guaranteed free shipping once it passes the $50.00 threshold. Easy tracking of your order is another great asset our customers enjoy. It can be frustrating to order a product and be in the dark up until it arrives, but our customers have the perk of immediate tracking for your order every step of the way.

But let’s say your product doesn’t arrive or does not perform as expected. We know that the likelihood of mishaps is low, but we at AllStuff are ever vigilant and ready to assist you straight away. Our customers can use our simple returns form that is designed with your specific situations in mind. Say you want to return a product, but can’t really explain what’s wrong with it. Our form lists many of the common reasons why you would need to return the product along with a customer service representative who can guide you if necessary. Whatever the situation is, we take pride in our flexible returns policy and encourage customers to use the forms available to help resolve your cases.

In addition to our easy return process, customers enjoy the benefit of having access to our private mailing list separate from guests. This list includes great deals on popular toners, printers, and more that only our customers can redeem. Signing up for the list is automatic upon becoming a customer, and we’ll use your email you register with us as a touchpoint to bring you great deals year-round.

Don’t be stuck with the baseline perks of guests – become an AllStuff registered customer today to reap the bountiful rewards listed above and more! Head over to our sign-up page to get started and check out our other articles for more handy tips


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